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BlockAircraft-Space Мод APK v2.18.6 (Бесконечные деньги)
Версия: 2.18.6
Размер: 91.22 MB
Категория: Casual
Разработчик: cwgames-co-ltd
Цена: свободно
Версия андроид: Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)
Информация о моде
Информация о моде
[Модификация] для изменения большого количества золотых монет, алмазов, билетов

Оригинальное описание приложения
# Make your own block aircraft!The more planets you conquer, the more various blocks you can collect.Conquer the countless planets in the universe to collect unique blocksand build aircrafts with cooler skins and more powerful damage!# Battle against block troopsSet your target and aim for the block troop. Destroy every block troop guarding the planets. It's game over if your aircraft's HP becomes zero. Shoot down every enemy aircraft and block troop to conquer the planets!# Travel the universeHave fun exploring the universe full of planets with different environments and buildings made of various blocks.# Compete with players from all over the worldIf you've finished upgrading your ships using the blocks you've gained from planet invade, it's time to land on the Multi-Planet, where players all over the world are waiting for you! If you win the battle, you can gain more powerful blocks. Develop a strategy and challenge the Multi-Planet now!# Show the world your block aircraftsUse the colorful blocks to craft something majestic or cute! It's totally up to your taste! Collect various and unique block aircrafts and show them off to the people from all over the world.# The no.1 sandbox block game!The best casual aircraft shooter anyone can enjoy anytime, anywhere!Space Block Aircraft! Download now!※ This game is free to play, but you are able to purchase some paid items. Additional cost will be charged when you purchase the paid items. Refund may not be available according to the type of the paid item.

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